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Business Analysis of Public Companies - Stage Program

What is the main goal for the project?

The project aims to analysis the performance of specific public companies in terms of growth, financial solidity and perspective. The students should analyse the balance sheet data of a list of provided public companies, from all around the world, then their income statements and the cash flow statements. On the basis of these data they'll elaborate some parameters of evaluation

What tasks will students need to complete to achieve the project goal?

Each student will provide 20 full reports about a list of 20 public companies from all around the world. Each report will have a specific scheme on which the students will fill the elaborated data. All the data elaboration will be about average, statistical parameters and math calculation, moreover a subjective part is required, all about three sections:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Business evaluation

The report follow a standard scheme and all the data to be elaborated are clear since the beginning

How will you support students in completing the project?

The students will receive a good-like report to be filled and all the instructions to fill each report. Moreover recurring meetings will be set to help the students with the analyses

What skills or technologies will help students to complete the project?

  • Business analysis
  • Economic studies
  • Financial studies
  • Financial maths

Business Analytics Corporate Finance Data analysis and economics Data Science and Engineering
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Corporate Finance
  • Understand a business balance sheet
  • Understand what is a business model
  • Reading English documents
  • Accounting
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The stage program can enable the student to activate the possibility to make a thesis about the financial data analysis. Talk with the responsible to clear this point

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