SD Companies SRL

Software for Data Collection and Elaboration for Fintech

What is the main goal for the project?

The students that apply to this project should understand the financial parameters already used in SD Companies in its stock analysis evaluations and should provide an automatic way to collect these data in form of charts and specific tables. The data will cover balance sheets, revenue statements, cash flow statements, insider trading and others. The markets under analysis can be US, Canada, Europe and China stock markets, and the sources of the data will be provided by SD Companies or discussed and agreed with the students. Their role should cover only the period of the specific project related to the course or the internship program time.

What tasks will students need to complete to achieve the project goal?

Each student, or preferably many of them grouped in teams, has to:

  • study and understand the financial parameters used in stock analyses as the used process of SD Companies
  • elaborate formulas about the required calculations as the process requires using the source of provided data (usually free available)
  • develop a software/script able to automatically read, collect and elaborate data from the data source
  • test and validate the application

Because we have already an existing tool, the students should take a Python code running a craft software and improve to make it work correctly on a wide range of applications. It has to become a usable experimental tool

The result of the project will be a working application able to generate a series of parameters according to the formulas required by SD Companies reading data by free available web sites

How will you support students in completing the project?

The Director of the SD Companies SRL, Saverio Debernardis is part of the board of the Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games, edited by Springers. He has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, and has many papers published in different peer-review scientific journal. His mentorship can guide students to be effective in reaching goals in real life, and give them opportunity to see what technology can be applied in real life. Saverio Debernardis taught several years like assistant professor at Politecnico di Bari, in Bari in Italy, one of the best tech university in Italy, mentoring students in Simulations and product prototyping.

What skills or technologies will help students to complete the project?

  • Code development
  • Python
  • Web development
  • Data analysis

Applied and Computational Mathematics Computer Science and Mathematics Data analysis and economics Data Science and Engineering Economia Economia aziendale Interdisciplinary and Innovative Engineering
Analytics Big Data/AI Business
Ricerca Sperimentale

The candidate should be able to code at least in one of the following:

  • Python
  • C++
  • PHP

but other code langauge knowledge is a plus

Part Time
3 - 6 mesi
Elettronica Energetico Ingegneria Industriale IT Manufacturing Qualsiasi Settore Può Essere Caso Di Studio R&D Startup

It would be good if the candidate student comlete also the stage proposed by the company on the same platform

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